Skin Rejuvenator, Anti-Ageing, Vibrating Skin Massager Device By Cherie

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Barcode – 721782955509

The New Advance in Skin Technology, this Vibrating Device by Cherie, is Specifically Shaped and Designed for;

Removing Wrinkles
Relieving Facial Relaxation
Reducing Double Chins
Massaging Facial Acupuncture Points 
Tightening the skin 
Penetrating Face Products to work their full potential and show deeper benefits on your skin

For All Skin and Face Types! Bringing you Face Lift and after Facial results in a small pocket sized device! With various vibration speeds for your liking, changeable with just one press. No complicated settings, just one button. 

Comes with a portable USB charger. Once charged, the device works with no hassle without any wires. Allowing you to take beauty treatments everywhere you go with it’s smooth shaping and pocket sized build! 


Skin Rejuvenator, Anti-Ageing,...

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